Celebrity Wedding Syndrome

At Wedding Warriors, we love when celebrities get married. It’s wonderful for our industry to have big weddings front and center. At the same time, splashy celebrity celebrations can “raise the bar” on other clients in an uncomfortable way.

George and Amal Clooney had a beautiful weekend of festivities surrounding their recent wedding in Venice, Italy. The details were obsessively chronicled by the news media, so men and women around the country planning their own destination weddings in Palm Springs and elsewhere are suddenly holding up their plans for comparison to one of the most glamorous international weddings in recent memory.

Our job as wedding professionals is to help our clients who are not celebrities to understand that they can have amazing, beautiful weddings that make them feel like stars without the budget or the “over the top” details that they may have read about.

And in a way, they ARE having a celebrity wedding, because in the eyes of their families and friends – they are stars. And it’s their love and happiness everyone is coming to celebrate.

Be well, and love well.

Dinah Thomas
Wedding and lifestyle blogger.

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