Tonic Skin & Spirit

Tonic Skin & Spirit

Cynsie Vogt

For The Bride


Tonic Skin and Spirit creates body care and spa products that naturally nourish and heal the skin while they soothe and relax the spirit. Tonic products feature plant based ingredients and 100% natural fragrances to enhance one’s sense of well being.

Therapeutic essential oils are natural healing ingredients that can transform the way you feel. We follow the art and science of AROMATHERAPY, the use of naturally occurring essential oils to affect our moods and enhance how we feel at any given time.

We use all natural aromas and essences to scent our products. These aromas are derived from real plants, flowers, and fruits and give our products their exquisite aromas and incredible scent.

Nourish Your Skin – Lift Your Spirits – Feel Good Naturally!


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