Debra Hovel Footwear

Debra Hovel Footwear

Debra Hovel

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I love shoes. I always have. And now, more than anything else, I love making shoes.

All of the shoes I make are handmade, by me, in my Palm Springs studio and are truly one-of-a-kind. I never make the same pair of shoes more than once.

I am inspired by exotic materials, personal design challenges, my dreams, travel, art and the stream of ideas that I capture in my design notebooks.

My special occasion footwear, for both women and men, are the most demanding and complicated shoes I create. These very special shoes take many, many hours to design and create. Prices for my special occasion footwear start at $1200 per pair.

Additionally, you will find some special occasion shoes offered for sale on this site. Each pair represents a unique design concept that is offered for sale only in the size in which they were made. You can make arrangements with me to try them on to see if the pair you desire is a perfect fit. Prices for these shoes vary based on the design and the materials.

Please contact me at if you’re interested in a pair of shoes for sale on this site, or if you would like me to create something special for you.

Debra Hovel


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